21″ Family Chain Wind Chime Rose Gold”
July 3, 2017
Memorial Family Tree Lantern (Large) 18.5X9″
July 22, 2017
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30″ Memories Etched Glass Chime


Difficult to see in the photo, the top portion is an etched piece of glass that says,  “Memories are a link to the past, sometimes it’s all that we have that will last.”. Online ordering is for shipping to a family’s home. It is not to be used for local delivery to a funeral home. Please call our store for local delivery. You will need a stand for display as well. ($20 stand with complimentary floral top).  For shipping, when you get to the check out page. There is a box that says, “Notes”. Please let us know how you would like your card to read. For instance, In memory of John, Love the Smith family.

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