30″ Memories Chime
March 15, 2023
44″ Day I went to heaven chime
March 15, 2023
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44″ Heavenly Bells Chime


Online ordering is for shipping to a family’s home. It is not to be used for delivery to a funeral home. For delivery to a funeral home you will need to call the store or text 412-759-9776. A stand is needed for display at the funeral home. ($20 includes flowers and bow)
Each Tube Reads:Each Chime Tube Reads:These chimes are but the echo, Of the Heavenly Bells above, That rang in celebration, As God welcomed me with love, So when you hear them playing, In the gentle unseen wind, Let them serve as a reminder, We will meet Again

In the check out section block where it says, NOTES, please let us know how you would like your card to read. For example, in memory of your father, Love The Smith Family

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