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When you need a special gift that shows how much you care, call Shirley Memorial Gift Gallery. (formerly Shirley Family Gifts) We offer a variety of bereavement gifts. These gifts are a touching memorial gift to help family and friends through their time of grief.

Funeral trends have changed over the last decade with many shorter, even one-day viewings. Memorial gifts are a lasting keepsake that show your sympathy during the funeral, and reminds the bereaved of your love in the months and years to come.

Owning both a funeral home and bereavement store, the Shirley family has unique experience in helping you choose a tasteful and affordable bereavement gift. We offer lasting keepsakes as memorable funeral gifts that give comfort to grieving friends and family. Shipping and local delivery are available.

Our mission is to offer lasting keepsakes such as memorial lanterns, throws, tapestries, wind chimes, bird baths, bird houses, stepping stones and more. It doesn’t have to be expensive to show you care! Shirley Family Gifts can accommodate any price range.